Brianne Inselman

Lighting Design Intern

A passion for art colors Brianne’s earliest memories, and her paintings have led to recognition of her artistic and design talents. This, combined with her enjoyment of physics and problem solving, led her to pursue an engineering degree at the University of Nebraska at Lincoln. She graduated with her bachelor’s degree in Architectural Engineering and currently is working on her master’s with an emphasis in Lighting and Electrical Systems.

Brianne wants to make a positive impact on people and the environment through creative solutions. She has begun exploring the cultural impacts of architectural design and art through her research in Turkey via the UNL Durham School and a National Science Foundation grant. There, she performed photogrammetry and 3D modeling on ancient structures to assist with conservation and restoration efforts.

“Lighting design has the power to enhance people’s lives on a regular basis, which is the essence of what I aspire to do. I am looking forward to learning with the lighting design team at Schuler Shook.”