Ed Mendoza

Lighting Design Intern

Ed is completing his last year in the advanced Master of Architecture program at Illinois Institute of Technology. He has augmented his classroom time with hands-on experiences, studying under local Chicago architects and participating in a global student competition that focuses on sustainable construction solutions.

The competition - run by the LaFargeHolcim Foundation for Sustainable Construction - gave Ed the opportunity to travel to Cairo, Egypt, to present his studio project to architects and designers from around the world.

Ed is currently focused on the impact of lighting design and its effects on the users of a space.

“Good lighting design gives an environment a certain mood. It gives the user a sense of feeling. This is something that I want to learn more about and apply to all my future work.”

Schuler Shook’s lighting internship is giving Ed knowledge and perspective needed when aspiring to become an architect. He believes that every detail demands attention, study and recognition, lighting chief among them.