Eric Meinzer

Lighting Designer

Eric finds lighting design to be a fascinating element that’s essential to human perception and interaction in the built environment. Receiving a Bachelor of Science in Design and studying architecture, his background allows him to seamlessly integrate lighting concepts into any space. Simultaneously he strives to enhance the user's awareness of a space by highlighting the important architectural elements. His ultimate goal is to create a functional yet simple solution to any problem without sacrificing creativity.

Significant Projects

  • Downtown Pedestrian Mall & Streetscape

    Iowa City, IA

  • Moxy Hotel by Marriott

    Chicago, IL

  • Joseph Hotel

    Nashville, TN

  • Ojibwa Casino

    Baraga, MI

  • 38th Street Station

    Minneapolis, MN

  • Westminster Presbyterian Church

    Minneapolis, MN

  • Jack Links Headquarters

    Minneapolis, MN

  • 365 Nicollet Residential Tower

    Minneapolis, MN


  • BSD – University of Nebraska


  • Illuminating Engineering Society