Karen Wallace

Intern Theatre Specialist

Karen is a Chicago-based lighting artist with a BFA in Lighting Design from The Theatre School at DePaul University. In college, she pursued a diverse education in drafting, traditional and digital art, and practical production experience.

Currently, Karen shares time between Schuler Shook and various theatre venues throughout the city. Most frequently, Karen can be found as the Lighting Supervisor at Lifeline Theatre, designing storefront productions, and assisting other designers. This work gives them hands-on experience with Chicago production standards and realities.

"The relationship between freelancing and theatre planning is symbiotic; at Schuler Shook I learn about the nuances of design and construction of performance venues, and in the field, I get to work in a great variety of spaces. My background with Schuler Shook helps me interpret a new venue, and my practical experience helps me think critically about what makes a functional production space."

Karen’s first year at Schuler Shook was filled with new knowledge and experiences, supporting project leaders and drafters with responsibilities as needed, including submittal reviews, site visits, and plenty of drafting. Next, Karen is excited to expand her workload to include more long-term project work to continue deepening her understanding of the theatre planning process.