Ascend Amphithe­ater

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A new 11-acre park and amphitheatre bring energy and life to Nashville's riverfront. The 40,000 SF amphitheatre is located along the Cumberland River. Designed to accommodate popular music acts and the Nashville Symphony Orchestra, the amphitheatre seats approximately 6,500 people: 2,200 on semi-fixed seating, 4,000 on lawn seats, and 300 people on a VIP greenway pavilion.

Schuler Shook collaborated with the architect and design team to provide stage lighting and rigging infrastructure design, audience seating and sightline design, and production lighting systems design.

The park and amphitheatre achieved LEED Gold certification, and Ascend Amphitheater is the first outdoor amphitheatre in the US to earn LEED Gold.


Nashville, TN


Hodgetts + Fung Design / Smith Gee Studio / Hawkins Partners


  • USITT Mer­it Award, 2017
  • Urban Land Insti­tute-Nashville, People’s Choice Award, 2016
  • AIA Gulf States Award of Mer­it, 2016
  • Poll­star Best New Major Con­cert Venue, 2015
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