Radis­son Blu, Mall of America

Ld  Radisson Blu Moa2

Radisson Blu Mall of America is the new prototype Radisson Blu hotel in North America, opening its doors in 2013. The sophisticated and contemporary hotel provides guests with a unique experience, in a space splashed with excitement and dramatic flair throughout.

Schuler Shook’s lighting design is a critical component of design, lending drama to the public spaces: the lobby, restaurant, bar, pool, meeting rooms, ballrooms and pre-function areas.

A variety of contemporary pendants in the restaurant are supplemented with grazing light on reclaimed wood column corners to provide high contrast and warm tones.

Public spaces throughout the hotel make use of LED light sources for energy and maintenance considerations resulting in a LEED energy compliant project.


Bloomington, MN


ESG / Graven Images

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