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T-Rex is an interactive and immersive themed restaurant and retail attraction. Life-sized animatronic dinosaurs, mammoth and other creatures are found in specially themed spaces or "zones" such as the Geothermal Kitchen of Fire, the Shark Bar, Fern and Sequoia Forests, and the Children's Archeological Dig Site. The lighting scheme provides drama and task illumination, complex show programming, and sustainable maintenance.

In the Geothermal zone, natural gas flames erupt from rock fissures. Enhanced impact is provided by flame-effect motion projectors illuminating themed elements. Geothermal activity continues with the fiery LED animation of translucent sculpted lava, juxtaposed behind a cool blue "ice melt" waterfall.

The Shark Bar's giant octopus has animatronic tentacles and provides task lighting through end-emitting fiber optics mounted in its suction cups. LED's animate the bar in subtle waves.

Other lighting elements include water ripple-effects and ocean tones, internally lit jellyfish providing table lighting, the ice cave's translucent glowing walls, projected fir and pine cone images in the Sequoia Forest, luminous planets, and internally lit asteroid fixtures in the retail space.


Kansas City, MO


Schussler Creative / Cuningham Group / Rothweiler Group

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