North­field Mid­dle School

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Northfield Middle School is a flexible, multi-purpose performance space with an emphasis on live music ensembles. The 700-seat auditorium was designed for audience comfort with superior sightlines and acoustics. Separate lighting and audio control rooms and a glass-enclosed follow spot booth are included to facilitate audio recording of live events. A full orchestra shell, including ceiling panels on motorized winches, was designed to complement the acoustics and aesthetics of the auditorium. An extensive catwalk system allows younger students to access overhead lighting and scenery efficiently and safely. The catwalks also offer convenient service access for architectural downlights and audio equipment.

Schuler Shook designed the rigging, stage lighting, and architectural lighting in close collaboration with Rozeboom Miller Architects and the owner to assure a unified, easy-to-operate facility that plans to serve the students and community's current and future needs.


Northfield, MN


Rozeboom Miller Architects

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