IALD Head­quar­ters

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Schuler Shook designed the lighting for the International Association of Lighting Designers' (IALD) new offices in Chicago. The IALD is the service organization for professional lighting designers and has branches in many countries around the world.

The design demonstrates the power of light to transform – one of the principles of the IALD. Simple lighting fixtures are used in creative ways to convert the ubiquitous loft space into a dynamic, inviting office that serves both IALD staff and visiting professionals.

The lighting design for the IALD offices also incorporates a high level of energy efficiency, utilizing predominantly high-efficacy light sources such as fluorescent, metal halide, and LED. Large, glowing wall panels were installed and programmed to slowly change color throughout the day to positively influence the IALD staff working in the office.

Schuler Shook assisted the IALD as they toured a number of potential office spaces throughout Chicago. We helped them evaluate factors such as the quality of natural light, and the ability to renovate the space inexpensively. The IALD ultimately settled on a loft space nestled in Chicago's River North design community that has generous ceiling heights, exposed timber ceilings, and east-facing windows.

Walls, suspended ceilings, and surfaces are all white in order to present neutral reflecting surfaces. Lighting fixtures are carefully integrated within the architecture. The IALD was keen to have lighting that is minimal, clean, and timeless.

An integrated control system provides the IALD staff with user-friendly controls that also minimize energy consumption. In addition to designing the new lighting, Schuler Shook assisted with coordinating equipment donations and deliveries from a number of manufacturers.


Chicago, IL




  • IES Illu­mi­na­tion Design Award of Mer­it, 2013
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