Ravinia Fes­ti­val Pavilion

Tp  Ravinia Festival Pavilion  Ravinia Pvln Side Aud 2

The renovation of the 3,500 seat Pavilion included acoustical, lighting and rigging upgrades. The new orchestra enclosure consists of wall panels and overhead panels, which are required to shift quickly from orchestra concert mode to popular concert mode. The wall panels both pivot and track into storage positions, and the tilt mechanism for the overhead panels can be remotely activated without lowering the panels to the floor, which saves many hours of stage setup time.

The new orchestra lighting consists of a combination of halogen and ceramic metal halide—this system is energy efficient and also requires less air conditioning to keep the stage cool in the summer heat. The renovation also included new house lighting, which was arranged in a radial pattern to match the seating layout.


Highland Park, IL



Tp  Ravinia Festival Pavilion  Ravinia Pavilion Stage 3

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